Raglan Cardigans

The Breed's FIRST Dual Champion

DC Cornerstone's My Dear Beli HXAsd HXBs HRDIII-s HTDIII-d

January 14, 1998 - April 27, 2012

A Tribute to Beli

Black & White, Brindle Points Male OFA Good CERF Normal PRA Clear
Bred by Rita J. Hellegers, Cornerstone Cardigans
Owned by Amy Hill, Raglan Cardigans

Beli is the BEST first Cardigan anyone could hope for. I had him instinct tested with Judith Kelly at 10 months and we've never looked back.

He became the first Herding Championship by 4 years of age and the first Dual Champion at 5. Later, at nearly age, 7 he became the first B course titled Cardigan.

Beli was an excellent competitor showing judges and other handlers that Cardigans can be competitive with Border Collies and other "larger" herding breeds.

He has been a fantastic flag bearer of the breed by being a part of the Meet the Breed booth at the Eukanuba in Tampa, FL greeting all those that stopped by.

Beli has produced some lovely kids for me to move on with. His kids have great outgoing temperments and strong herding instinct. Beli has a lovely topline, nice driving rear, wonderful deep ribbing and fantastic health; even at age 14 he is going strong. Though Beli is retired from the herding arena he will not stand being left at home, he still helps with setting stock for our club trials and taking care of our stock at home. He is my heart dog and is loved by all that meet him!

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